Feb. 20th, 2008

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I'm a little slack for the update here.

Ray Atlee is a lawyer / teacher who has managed to get a decent living despite a nasty divorce. His brother is rarely spoken to, and his father in Clanton, Mississippi is remote enough to have almost no influence in his life anymore. That is, until Ray receives a letter from his father, Judge Atlee. Such is the influence of the old judge that Ray knows that he and his brother must attend what may be the last summons as the old man is very ill. But when he arrives, Ray finds that his father is dead from peaceful means and that he has left a secret fortune that Ray uncovers. But the night following the death of his father, Ray learns that he is not the only one privy to this secret... and that the other person seems to want to keep Ray silent. Even if it means killing him.

The Summons is typical of John Grisham, with a lawyer as the central character and having to deal with a complex problem of morality as well as finding that the line of the law can be all too easily blurred. In contrast with some of his other works, the lead character proves more than human in his succumbing, even as he seeks to prove that the money is not dirty or fake.

Also typical of the author is the very slow build of pressure with occasional letting off of steam. As a result, it can take some swallowing to get through, however it does leave you with rich characters and a very believable storyline - that it could indeed be happening even now.

All in all, it is a passable read, something to nibble at over a few days until it manages to hook you half way through as the plot and intrigue start to become more evident. And in true Grisham fashion, the twist when it arrives can be both expected and a surprise.

Pages 300
Rating 6/10

4 / 26 books. 15% done!


Feb. 20th, 2008 09:43 am
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3 job applications
2 flat applications
1 flat inspection
0 letters from Auckland Uni as to how to finish my enrolment.



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