Aug. 30th, 2008

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Been a while - where to start?

Sacramento is hot. I mean hot hot. Like 30 deg + hot. Bleh.

Flight here was good, could have been better with sleep, but the sleep kicking of a little girl kinda precluded sleep :D That said, Morgan travels very well.

Otherwise, I'm just getting some good RP in, planning the details for the wedding, looking at study here and in general, chilling out.

Ta-ta for now!
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The fifth book of the X-Wing series, this is book picks up the activities of Wedge Antilles and the formation of a brand new squadron.... with a critical difference. Rogue Squadron had been re-formed by Wedge (see books 1-4 in the series - I'm not reviewing them as this challenge is for one's I've not read) with the side quality of commando capability. The new Wraith squadron was the reverse - Commando first, pilot second. Their growing pains, losses and triumphs against one of the last imperial warlords is deftly narrated by Aaron Allston and as they head towards a powerful climax, you find yourself emeshed in seeking to understand what honour really means... and how much can the human spirit survive when death is ever present. But most importantly of all, Wedge is on a race against time. Prove the worth of the squadron within three months.... or be forever removed from commanding any fighter unit.

Pages 406

Rating 8.5/10


6 / 26 words. 23% done!


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