Oct. 7th, 2012 10:16 am
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Yesterday was a rest day... had one on Wednesday as well... can't afford to let them build up or momentum slows. More pushups to come.
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The lovely [ profile] janetlin started a new diet last week and to support her (and lose some weight myself) I've started it too.

From my starting measurements I've gained the following after not a lot of exercise and here are the results.

Weight: No change (180 lb / 81.64 kg)
Chest:  -1 inch (Now 38.25 inches / 97.2 cm)
Waist: -.5 inches (Now 35.5 inches/90.2 cm)
Upper Arm: No change (11 inches/27.9 cm)
Thigh: +.25 inches (Now 22.5 inches/57.2 cm)

Weird that the thighs went up, everything else stayed or dropped.

And what has happened with me is in no way a diminishment of  the awesome achievements of my wife :)
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This was lesson 2... and the body hurts soooooo good.

Kinda like S&S - feeling very much the noob all over again :D
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Despite no entry going up on Monday, I did do 3 circuitsof 8. Decided to push myself to nine today... but only managed 2 circuits.

Body is complaining seriously. Might have to increase frequency from 3 to 2 days and step back to 3 circuits of 8.
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Ok, so I'm sliding a little here and I've dropped to three days instead of two, but that's allowable. As long as it doesn't become 4

Anyway! Progress!

3 circuits, 8 reps (15 for step ups)

And a nice hot Shower for afters!

And now, some Alan flop....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Ok - I'm starting to push myself harder and harder now. While doing the first set of press-ups, I asked myself if I could manage 11... and I did.

*grins* That's a long cry from the first entry!

2 circuits of 11 reps for everything but the step ups - 18 reps.

that goal of 3 circuits of 12/20 reps seems attainable!

oh - and heat rubs and hot showers are soooooooooo good afterwards!
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Ok - so yesterday didn't happen in the workout scheme of things

Today however yielded a nice surprise - 2 CIRCUITS!!!!!

Pressups, lunges, squats, Vertical row, chair-low, sit ups - x10, step ups x17.


Now, to keep that pace until I feel I can do 12 per circuit.
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Upped the ante a little today - still only doing one circuit, but 10 reps (17 in the case of the step-ups). Press ups are going to be my bugbear if I'm not careful, good thing that they are the first thing I do :) makes me do them if I want to do the circuit.

Still not quite ready for a second circuit. Something for Saturday perhaps. Not sure how on task I am yet either. I'll know in a fortnight.
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Well, yesterday was indeed the day of rest and I almost slacked off today. The site says 2-3 times a week the lazy side claimed.

Better Body Heat the eager side of my brain said.

Still, it didn't happen until after work (not my brightest of ideas) but it happened!

This time, I did the circuit right - each exercise bang after the next.

8x Pushups/Lunges (each per leg)/Squats/Horizontal row (each per arm)/sit ups and 15 stepups per leg.

I intended to do two circuits! Honest! But following work and at the end of the day, the body said "Yeah right sunshine. you're not even getting one push-up this time round"

As a wise [profile] starfirenz once said "When the body makes an absolute statement, listen. It's probably right."

On the diet regime, soft drinks are now a total luxury - 1x/fornight. Everything else seems to be going ok, though my body is wondering what the hell is going on... and why has the red meat all but stopped? (once per day, max 100 grams). Fish is my current friend, as is brown rice.

I believe I can make this work... and one encouraging sign? I seem to have suddenly gone from sniffle central to all but cleared up in one day. I think I'm doing something right!
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Well, I've got a feeling that this fitness kick will last a bit longer than the others have - I'm hurting this morning, but that might be because I seem to have stopped rolling in bed and now flip myself in bed. Partly explains why I have sore abs this morning :)
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Well, I'm back on the fitness circuit. Again.

Didn't push myself hard (thanks for the suggestion [info]starfirenz).

It'll be every alternate day to let my body recover....

And I'm going to put the count here as well as what I did.

Day 1
8 reps / exercise, 1 circut.
Push-ups (doubled), Lunges (doubled), Squats (doubled), Bent Over Row, Chair Dips (Modified for heels on floor), Step ups (15 reps), Sit ups.

And I'm wiped out. Yeah - I'm so badly out of shape, it's not even slightly funny.

Goal is to be able to do 2 circuts of 12 reps, or three circuts of 8 reps before August 10.

Being able to Jog to Auckland Uni is still a goal, but lets get the endurance sorted first nes-pa? :)

Good health to all.


Jan. 31st, 2008 10:18 am
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well, 50 strikes done. Focus is control and accuracy, strikes being done at a medium pace. Accuracy is improving, now control needs to be focused upon. I've lost my first milk bottle to a sword wound- heh. good thing we have several other plastic bottles.

My right arm feels drained from all the swinging, which means I'm not really doing it right. It should be the entire upper right side of my body, not just the arm.

Oh well - more training this evening.

Current training session - 25 minutes long, including pauses.

I'm pushing myself in a manner of speaking I guess...


Jan. 30th, 2008 08:19 pm
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Well, I've now hung a plastic 2L milk bottle from the shading at the entrance to my parents place. Lots of room for 62.5% of all basic strikes. (bonus points for guessing which ones I can't do safely)

50 strikes later (in 2 blocks of 25) and I have the long forgotten endolphins humming happily through my veins. And there's no chance of them going feral either - it was 25 minutes after a good meal.

I'm reasonably satisfied with the quality, especially having been out of practice so long.

Going for 100 strikes tomorrow (50 in the morning, 50 in the evening).

Practice, practice, practice.

All I need now is a formal organisation with a low cost out-lay and high training standards. It seems I may well not be returning to S&S for a while - a fencing helm is now required equipment. I love the styles now being taught, I just cannot afford a fencing helm at present, what with....

other things *Big Grin*

Day 1

Sep. 28th, 2007 07:19 am
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So I nip out to get my lunch because, as seems to be the case, I've not prepared myself anything. However, I end up very breathless and it feels like my heart is racing. Unfit you say? Well I agree completely even though my vitals seem to say otherwise. My heart rate is 95 beats per minute, breathing is at 15 respirations per minute. Blood pressure (at a guess) is around 110/70 - the only indicator that things aren't directly well. Yet the heart rate and breathing are both above my normal (55-60 hr and 8-10 bpm). IE - Fruitbat needs to get into shape and badly.

But I can't afford the gym.

Of all the excuses I have, this is possibly the worst. While I do enjoy going to the gym, I'm not someone who can do it alone, I do need someone else. So, I'm getting a pair of trainers tomorrow... or today if I can swing it... and tired or not, I'm going to start jogging daily, rain or shine before I start work each day. The first two weeks will be pretty hard... but I've got 3 good reasons to get my health back up.

1/ I've been invited to join a football team that plays Thursdays on lunch at work.
2/ Sword fighting
3/ Sierra.

And so with those goals in mind, training time.

Out for a good walk.

EDIT - walk was damned cold and I'm damned hungry... and getting up tomorrow will not be easy. But... it has to be done. I'm going to post here after each jog/walk or jog.


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