Aug. 28th, 2012 11:52 am
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Final confirmation JUST came through(10 August actually)

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But so far, I've done well enough to pass... and even very likely get an A grade.


Graduation plans can begin in earnest now.
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Music homework.

Go home and listen to music videos.

I love my class!
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Boten Anna

very funny music vid - and no, not a parody. It's genuine.

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Ok, so I've only got 80% of the marks back, but what I have got back is enough to pass with a C... with the possibility of going to a B+

*fingers crossed.*

One down - three to go.
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today is the day. I alittle over 4 hours time, it will be all over.

And thankfully, unlike the last exam, I don't need a pass to pass the paper. That said, I'm still going to do the best I can.

But it's almost godammed done.


And then,all I can do is wait for the marks.
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4'33 by John Cage
Presented here in full orchestral form.

It's one concert I'd have a lot of difficulty NOT getting the giggles during.
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Just got in from an 18th Century Baroque Organ concert.

And wow... it's incredible how much I took away from it! Previously, I'd been incredibly choosy about my musical eras... and Baroque was one of the less loved. Now however... it's incredible. Especially when played on instruments that are as close to historically accurate as possible... and on the styles used in that day.

Added to all that is the knowledge of what is being played... and why things are where they are. I won't get technical here, but the major difference between a concert in the 18th century and now... is the audience knowledge. Then, the attendees would have the required background knowledge to understand what the music was conveying as it is incredibly more complex internally than later works (post Beethoven).

Add that to the concert yesterday - yeah. Lets just say that I'm seriously looking at taking up the Sackbut and developing that as best as I can to replicate what would have been played then.

And now - to relax and listen and enjoy my newest purchase - "Sesquialtera. James Tibbles 1 plays New Zealand's historic Johannes Avery organ."2

*Blissed out warm fuzzies*

1: - Yes, that is his real name.
2: - A fully restored organ originally made in the 18th century and brought to NZ in 1859. As close to the real thing as you can get.
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The Byrds
Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is a Season)

the words )
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Enjoy )
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I've got some awesome news.

I've been offered an audition for the Auckland Wind Orchestra to conduct a piece for a concert on April 5.

If I can get it and prove I'm good enough... that's going to be a major lift for my Conducting studies!

PLUS... if I do it well enough.... I may well be allowed to do it again in mid June!


Watch this space!
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I've decided an interesting way of making sure I record my notes.

Put them up here.

If anyone is wanting to read them, let me know and I'll get a filter made that includes you.
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Well, I have finished Day 2 at Uni... and my brain has reaches sizzle point.

The two history classes will be a slog to get through... I'm loving performance practice...

But it's Conducting that has me very worried and nervous. I mean, there are elements here that I'm not even remotely sure how I will cope, but the paper is purely practical.

No written assessments.

In short, I need to get confidence and (if possible) experience. And I've found a way as of today as to how. I popped into Auckland Grammar (my old school) to see if I could a/ sit in & observe and b/ conduct if possible. Well, the bloke I spoke to had no problems with A, but he and the HoD were iffy about B. Then the first bloke offered a godsend - the chance to conduct a piece for the Auckland Wind Orchestra.


I mean - this is what I need, but this will be a concert performance of people I've played with before!

Oh well, you have to start the big time some time. And the might let me take some of the rehersals for Auckland Grammar as well. If I can get experience for both, this will REALLY come in handy later on!

So damn the nerves... FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Edit - musical detail corrected
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And in the iTunes related area - have a look for Rose Red, re-done by Emilie Autumn. Here's a YouTube posting... and another one with Corpse Bride as the background images.

And yes, it's an interesting take on the original medieval round of the same name.



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