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So as many people now know, I am just about ready to graduate. There is one small problem... or rather 10,000+ of them. Kilometers to be exact. (6,000+ miles for non-metric folks :) ) So, in order for me, my wife and the kids to return for the ceremony, I'm asking for some help. We need about $4,500 US by the end of July for the airfare. Any and all help would be greatly welcomed - please message me for details if you would like to help.
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Well, it's over and done.

The trip to NZ was badly needed for a great many reasons and while I didn't get everything done I wanted done, The important things were achieved successfully.

The trip started somewhat auspiciously. I found some good wine for Mum and Dad, our flights left a little early and arrived even earlier, we had excellent (if pricey) food in the LA Airport and we got through customs with only minor fuss regarding other people - frustration at their petty details was the worst.

Then we were on the plane and things seemed to darken a little - the guy sitting next to Sierra was chatty... too chatty for her liking. But then fortune smiled once more and he was given a seat elsewhere so the two of us enjoyed a very quiet flight.

It was when we got to NZ that I found I'd left my pocket watch back in Sac - in the fluffle of packing, it had been forgotten. We resolved to make do and press on. We changed our cash, I got my cell re-activated, we got some NZ shopping done, Sierra caught up with Anna and got most of her outfit sorted out, then we descended upon David and much happiness was had.

Friday was the last minute costume grab, then it was to Chimera for that evening's games of which we had a lot of fun. Saturday was all Chimera goodness, Sunday was family and friends day, Monday was David day and Tuesday was dental work for the wife and I. Wednesday was spent catching up with people and congratulating a good friend on getting her thesis completed. Ribs and chocolate and beer followed.

Then - it was done and we had to leave.

Next year... it will be as awesome.... if not more so.

I needed that trip.

*happy purr*


May. 24th, 2010 11:42 am
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 I'm coming home for a week.

I wish it could be longer.

But I'll take what I can get.

Thank you to everyone who is making this possible.

Thank you to everyone who have been waiting patiently for this day... I ask that you wait a little longer.

My lovely wife and I will see you all in August.
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One year ago, the cumulation of a years work came to fruition.

I arrived in the United States as a Legal immigrant.

One year.

I miss NZ, but my wonderful wife makes my life in the States more than worth it.

Happy Anniversary.
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And home is now officially Sacramento, CA, USA.
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As stated by another, [ profile] janetlin and I are now married and having alovely time.

Thank you to all who have made this possible with love, support and caring... as well as the driving to fetch the cake that never arrived. (Fruitbat-kiltcuz even offered vengance against the company who never delivered the cake.)

More to come when we have pics and free/cheap net.

Teh Squee!

Jun. 1st, 2008 05:46 pm
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On travels

Apr. 22nd, 2008 01:54 pm
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Took the What traveller are you test and got this!

You Are a Cultural Traveler

You enjoy stays in cities and world capitals--visiting museums, taking history tours, and seeing major attractions. You also appreciate local or regional holidays and festivals, speaking foreign languages, shopping for local handicrafts, and meeting local people.
To you, travel is an opportunity to discover more about the world and its different cultures.


Very true!
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Have arrived safe and sound in Sacramento.

Brain currently in off-line mode.

Rebooting via sleep and many hugs and kisses from Sierra.

Part of me thinks this is a dream.

It feels too damned good :D
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Well, it's finally arrived. That dreaded day where I need to go through everything I have and own... and work out what to do with it.

Some stuff will come with me, some will be posted.... and some will be given away or donated.

I really loathe this part of travelling.

At least I won't have to think about it once it's done... and there is the fact of the paper side has been mostly dealt with.

But even so - I've got a good number of books. Some I could carry... but others may well have to be posted.

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Inigo Montoya said it best.
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Well, it's been a while since I last put a post up here.

hugs to all.
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Well... here it is folks. my new Journal.

And to celebrate this new event, I've got an annoucnement to make. Come December 2007, I intend to be living in the USA for at least a year... with the intention of making it as long as damned possible.n yes, it's for the love of [personal profile] janetlin that I am doing this. And it will be done right.

I am tired of this black hole.And I'm not only doing something about it, I'm starting to see results happen.

So give me your hands if we be friends.

The Fruitbat shall make amends.

The screaming is done.

Now is the time.


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