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2017-04-13 09:09 am

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Fun times - when your psychiatrist isn't answering his messages and you urgently need to reach him...
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2014-01-30 09:09 am


First revision completed! It's now standing at 30,300 words. Wait... isn't editing supposed to remove words?
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2014-01-30 09:02 am
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Well... it's been a while since I last posted here. I'm writing here not so much as something for people to follow as a place to organise my thoughts.

It came from a post from a friend about Facebook - she had an excellent point - the thing is a social media vampire. Do this, that and the other thing. It's something that the instant gratification monkey feeds and thrives upon.

So... lets try and bring my thoughts here. Facebook can take the snipped links from here. LJ can stay for my other fluff, but here, this is where I'm going to get myself more organised and focused.

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2013-03-28 11:25 pm
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Book update

Been a while since I last updated here. Book progress - it's continuing well. Need to get the cover designed and the editing back, but I think I can safely hope that it will be available for sale by May 20. Also realised that I'd slipped the same Easter Egg into the novelette as the novel. So now it will be up to the reader to find them. Hehhehheh.

Started a set of short stories to whil the time away while I wait for the edited copy to be sent back.

*fingers crossed*
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2012-12-15 02:50 am
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Brought across from facebook...

I'll warn you now - I'm going on a little bit of a rant here. Ever since I heard the news, this has been festering. You can like what I say, you can dislike what I say... that's up to you. But I'm not pulling any punches here. Read on as you want.

You've been warned.

In a world where light, hope and peace is precious, the extinguishing of even the smallest star makes the darkness that much stronger.

When the future is forever scarred by fear, pain and anger... how can hope, peace and justice ever truly prevail?

These are merely words from a father who has seen time and time again the slow destruction of the future in his home country, his adopted country, his ancestral country and in the world he lives in... and he has seen the nightmare he prays never comes to his own door.

For the life of a child is a precious and fragile thing. Children are not born with hatred, they know only love. Children are not born with anger, but a need to be held and a deep desire to return affection.

I hear of shootings at schools... Columbine was the first... and I cannot understand why. even now, with decades between it and me, I can't understand why.

"But people are desensitized by the violence that they see on TV. They see so many murders and the video games these days drive people to kill." I call Bulls**t on that one. Are we really that naive? If we were truly that desensitized or it was that easy, then the men and women who serve in the military wouldn't have PTSD.

But they do. It was Colonel Tim Collins of the British army who put it in words that should never be forgotten by any who bear arms.

"I know of men who have taken life needlessly in other conflicts, I can assure you they live with the Mark of Cain upon them. If someone surrenders to you then remember they have that right in international law and ensure that one day they go home to their family. The ones who wish to fight, well, we aim to please." - Col. Tim Collins, OBE

'We' = trained soldiers. Not children.

Yes, the one who took the lives of the future was killed. Some told me it was justice. No... that was vengeance; plain pure and simple. Justice would have been their living and having to face the faces of all the lives that were ruined.

You might have noticed I'm gender neutral there - that's because what has been will likely be again unless we can all learn from it. But as I see it, there are two obvious paths that can be taken. One... blood for blood. Children are protected by steel, by guns, by swords, by blood. Anyone who even thinks of harming them is gunned down in vengeful fury. And that will teach them that, when they have children, that is the right and proper way for things to be done. Two... turn the other cheek. Children are protected by love, by compassion, by hope.

"But this changes nothing! More will die if we take your second path!" Only when we forget we are all children of someone else. Even if they are no longer with us, we are still their child. Love, when truly given and received will go in both directions.

But perhaps there is a third path - an even simpler path that I cannot see for the pain, the loss, the grief. But I cannot get past this simple tenant that I seek to instill into my own children...

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

One day, maybe, there will be peace. And if I am very lucky - I will live to see it... as will all children.

Pax vobiscum.
May peace be with you.
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2012-11-26 09:23 pm
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And lo, it was done. Partly :)

Hit the magical 50K of words... now I just need to finish the rest of my work :)
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2012-10-24 08:25 am
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It's that time of year again...

Christmas stuff in October ... it can onl mean one thing....


Had so much fun writing last time and support from others (even in the middle of a major house move) and completed with time to spare (ok, two days) that I'm going to do it again... a little better formed this time however :)

Watch this space!
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2012-10-07 10:16 am
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Yesterday was a rest day... had one on Wednesday as well... can't afford to let them build up or momentum slows. More pushups to come.
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2012-08-28 11:52 am
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Final confirmation JUST came through(10 August actually)

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2012-08-27 08:27 am
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On writing

First revision of novel comlete - it's with the editor now. YAY!
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2012-07-10 11:03 pm

(no subject)

Ok... so not quite a post a day.

keeping this short as I'm about to dive in a resume work on the novel.

More later.
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2012-06-30 12:00 am

(no subject)

Somewhat brain dead today so please forgive my ramblings.

Had to check what the fees due were for the Uni - no fees at present. Odd... so, I've sent a mail checking this.

Hopefully I get a reply soon.
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2012-06-26 11:27 am
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Thoughts on life

It's an interesting detail - life. Never asked for, yet not wanting to give it up either. Well, there are exceptions to that, but it merely proves the rule. Then there is what we make of it. Opinions being one of the key points there. A good friend of my wife and I are politically on not just different sides of the fence but in different cities all together. Yet, we get along famously (well, we did but have kind of fallen off each others radar for the time being) and it's a good enough friendship that we can resume talking about what we want despite that. Heck - we had a long argument about Bush Jr (them for, me against) and then set it aside and chatted about other things (like cabbages and kings). But opinions are also what shape us... and the tiny wife reminded me of something as well.

I'd lost the drive that formerly propelled me across countries.

So, It's time for me to re-connect to that once more. Part of what helped with that drive, funnily enough, was this - LiveJournal.

So, lets start with the basics once more - LiveJournal. I'm aiming to write here once a day, every day, for 30 days. Maybe it will be read, maybe it won't. But it's who I was once... and there was a goodness there, a strength, a refusal to fall over and collapse.

That part of me is still there.

Let's wake it up.
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2012-05-18 08:37 am
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So as many people now know, I am just about ready to graduate. There is one small problem... or rather 10,000+ of them. Kilometers to be exact. (6,000+ miles for non-metric folks :) ) So, in order for me, my wife and the kids to return for the ceremony, I'm asking for some help. We need about $4,500 US by the end of July for the airfare. Any and all help would be greatly welcomed - please message me for details if you would like to help.
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2012-05-11 12:03 am

Final Grade


An A.

All expectations have been met.

Next step - return to NZ and graduate :)
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2012-04-26 10:50 pm
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3rd assessment done - 1 exam to go

But so far, I've done well enough to pass... and even very likely get an A grade.


Graduation plans can begin in earnest now.
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2012-04-09 01:44 pm

On my studies

So... I crunched the matchs following my third straight A... and even if I crash and burn for the rest of the course, I pass.

It's done. The degree is all but complete - not it is merely a matter of... time.
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2012-02-16 09:54 am

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And the studies continue - one assessment completed (B+) and another one to start today.
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2012-01-30 08:56 pm
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Music homework.

Go home and listen to music videos.

I love my class!