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Just filed the re-direction for my mail as I'm moving in a few days.

Sierra and Morgan are here soon... and finally the separation will be over. Well... at least until I come back to start finalising all wedding plans. And then there will be no more separation.

Well... that's what I'm hoping.

The waiting is nearly over.
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Don't you just love how some things can creep up on you?
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A very good blog article about Marriage linked from [profile] starfirenzOh... and California is now permitting Same Sex marraiges.

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Have arrived safe and sound in Sacramento.

Brain currently in off-line mode.

Rebooting via sleep and many hugs and kisses from Sierra.

Part of me thinks this is a dream.

It feels too damned good :D
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And the countdown continues. It's 7 weeks until I ensure my room is clear and I start waiting for the final hours to pass before I go to the airport.

A chapter is closing in my life and it doesn't hurt. Which I find to be nice. I've had enough of painful or scared closures. Now, it's nerves that are present yes but also a lot of excitement...

and dreams.

Warm fuzzies all!
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Well... here it is folks. my new Journal.

And to celebrate this new event, I've got an annoucnement to make. Come December 2007, I intend to be living in the USA for at least a year... with the intention of making it as long as damned possible.n yes, it's for the love of [personal profile] janetlin that I am doing this. And it will be done right.

I am tired of this black hole.And I'm not only doing something about it, I'm starting to see results happen.

So give me your hands if we be friends.

The Fruitbat shall make amends.

The screaming is done.

Now is the time.


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