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Sierra, Rew and I just finished playing Battlestar Galactica: Boardgame. It looked simple enough at first - Humans must survive, Cylons will kill you... and there might be a traitor amongst you. And so we faff around a bit, laughing.

And then we realised we were gatting ganked rapidly. And all of a sudden the suspence shot up and we were frantically working together as bets as we could - there's this nasty rule of secrecy. you can hint at your hand... or just outright lie. And sooner or later, the Cylon sleeper agent will awaken and start working to screw you and the others over.

We never got to that point - losing out to the Basestars and Cylon raiders. Nasty nasty.

BUT DAMN WAS IT FUN! Sierra had the old man, I had his son and Rew had the Scotty clone.

And it was a rapid learning curve indeed..... and oh so very fun :)

The feel rapidly took on elements from a certain 1920's horror board game that we also got as a wedding present from 4 wonderful people ;)

There will be a next time ;)
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As stated by another, [ profile] janetlin and I are now married and having alovely time.

Thank you to all who have made this possible with love, support and caring... as well as the driving to fetch the cake that never arrived. (Fruitbat-kiltcuz even offered vengance against the company who never delivered the cake.)

More to come when we have pics and free/cheap net.

Teh Squee!

Jun. 1st, 2008 05:46 pm
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Have arrived safe and sound in Sacramento.

Brain currently in off-line mode.

Rebooting via sleep and many hugs and kisses from Sierra.

Part of me thinks this is a dream.

It feels too damned good :D
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Well, it's been a while since I last put a post up here.

hugs to all.


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